Registrations are closed!

We have already met the number of allowed registrations for High Noon tournament. Sorry for any inconvenience, but stay tuned for more tournaments!

The list of registered teams may be found here.
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High Noon Tournament

Tournament begins July 29th, 2017, at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Registration opens July 22nd, 2017, at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time, here on!
Registration will close after 12 teams have registered (8 participating, 4 on waitlist)

Find the detailed ruleset here

Standard ruleset with a few modifications:
  • All primary weapons will be replaced with a secondary weapon.
  • The secondary weapon will be the Revolver.
  • Vertigo will be replaced with Decay.
  • Deadlock will be replaced with Convoy.
  • Heavy Metal will be replaced with Outpost.
What remains the same:
  • Gamemode
  • Health multiplier will be kept at 1.1x
  • Tactical Gear is the same.
  • Gear items are the same.
  • Cosmetic armor and weapons will still be applied.
  • Hero skins are still banned.
  • Infrared scopes are still banned.
  • Spectators are strictly prohibited. If someone is found to be spectating, there will be consequences.
  • 1st place $20 PSN cards, and THE REAPER title
  • 2nd place THE REAPER title and $10 PSN cards
  • 3rd place THE REAPER title