May Madness

May 28, 2016



May 01, 2016 Tournament website is now live!

May 02, 2016 Tournament registration will open tomorrow, at 6 PM EDT!

May 03, 2016 Tournament regretfully postponed to May 28, at 13h EDT. Sorry for the troubles!

May 03, 2016 Registration will now open on May 21, at 00:00 EDT.


Welcome to BCL's 2016 Spring Tournament!

May Madness is a traditional BCL 5v5 DOM tournament, to keep everyone in good practice for the Summer tournament. This tournament will accept a maximum of 16 teams, and it will be run as a single-elimination tournament (to keep it to a single day).

If you do not yet have a team, but you wish to play, you are welcome to join the list of substitutes by registering below. Teams may wish to draw from that list in the event that they cannot fill their team.

Our good friend Domino will be co-streaming the event with one of our favourite people in the Blacklight community. We'll post the Twitch link in the coming week, so make sure to tune in for the fun!


Registration opens May 21 at 00:00 EDT.
Please list a minimum of five team members, but feel free to add more if you think you'll need substitutes.
Teams must designate a representative to remain ready for communication throughout the tournament. If you need to make modifications to your team, or you encounter errors in registration, please contact us at

Register as a team

(specify at least five in-game names)
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Register as a substitute

If you don't have a team, feel free to register anyway. We can add you in as a substitute if a team is in dire need. If there are insufficient teams, we will create a team from the substitute pool. You are expected to be available during team check-in prior to the start of the tournament.


Recording is required for the semi-final and final matches of the tournament. However, it is in your best interest to record all matches, as referees and spectators may be recording you for analysis.

Dates and Times

Start of Tournament
Saturday, May 28 (10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern)
Teams should check-in 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.
Any team that has not checked-in after the tournament has commenced will be disqualified.
All teams must indicate a representative to communicate with the tournament administrators; this representative must login to the BCL Discord at check-in time, and remain in the Discord for the duration of the tournament. Discord is available for free, and may be run in your browser or through their app (the app is recommended, it is more stable and less resource intensive). Representatives need not use a microphone. To keep chatter to a minimum, we will invite only the appointed representative to the check-in channel, and communicate solely with them throughout the tournament. However, we recognize that the representative may not be available at all times, so they may be replaced by other team members at any time (please notify BCL staff).

Modes and Maps

Game Mode
Game Maps
Heavy Metal, Vertigo, Deadlock
Team Composition
A team is composed of a maximum of 5 players.
Substitutes are allowed, and teams may play with less than their full complement at any time (i.e., a team may play with only 3 players).
All players, including substitutes, are bound to their team for the duration of the tournament and cannot play for other teams. Using a player that has already played for another team will result in disqualification of the team and of the player in question. Circumventing this rule by employing alternate accounts is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification.
Match Setup
Each match will be played for 11 minutes, or until the victory conditions are met.
After a referee sends the team representative their invite, the team will be given 10 minutes to assemble their players and ready-up. If a team is not ready within that time frame, they will forfeit the entire set.
It is the responsibility of the team to invite their own players to the server, even in the event of player disconnection. The referees are not responsible for inviting players back to the server after they have left.
Votekicking and voteskipping are forbidden, such practices will result in disqualification.
Spectators are strictly forbidden; please leave the server after a match has concluded, do not switch to spectate.
Victory Conditions
Each set will consist of the best of 3 matches. The finals will be best of 5.
A match is completed when the time has expired, when one team has accumulated the requisite number of points, or if one team leaves the match through disqualification or forfeiture. A referee may stop a match at any time.


Please consult the official BCL Competitive ruleset, here.
Server Mutators
Invite Only
No Elemental Ammo
No Depots
Cosmetic Weapons
Cosmetic Armor
Time Limit: 11 minutes
Health Multiplier: 1.1
Violations and Penalties
Punitive action will be taken when a player uses (by firing, activating, or throwing said item) a banned weapon or item, regardless of whether a warning has been issued by the referees. A team penalty of 50 DOM points will be applied for each infraction. If a player continues to use a restricted item after a warning has been issued, the offending team automatically forfeits the set (all remaining matches against the opponent) and the opposing team is declared the winner of the set.
Latency will be carefully monitored by referees. If a players ping consistently exceeds 150 ms, or if the player's connection is deemed too unstable for competitive play, the user will be asked to leave the match. Failure to immediately comply will result in a forfeit of the entire set.

Tournament Format

This is a single-elimination tournament, consisting of up to 16 teams. In the event that we receive fewer than anticipated registrations, we may switch the format to double-elimination to promote extended gameplay, at the discretion of the Council.
Teams will be selected for tournament play on a "First Come, First Served" basis. Registration will open at 18:00 Eastern, May 03.

Fine Print

Configurations that disable or diminish the visual effect of digi grenades are banned, and upon review of footage the player may be disqualified for the use of such configs.
Sportsmanlike conduct is expected. We will disqualify teams for poor behaviour.
Teams failing to register before all open tournament slots are filled will be placed on a waiting list and will compete in the event of a no-show.
Clans submitting more than one team may be required to place any additional teams in the waiting list.
All teams on the waiting list must be present in Discord to check in their team 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.
In the event a team representative does not show up to check-in prior to the start of the tournament, that team will be replaced with a team from the waiting list.


Top placed teams will receive prizes to distribute to their team members:
Prizes will be announced this week.


Where will the servers be located?
All games will be played on US East.
Can I play on multiple teams?
No. Each player is bound to one team only.
Do I have to record?
All players must record all matches, though players will only be required to submit the videos upon request.
Failure to submit recordigns (upon request) will result in disqualifaction and foreiture of any earned prizes.
All recordings must be submitted within one week of the end of the tournament. We will provide instructions on how to submit videos.
Is my recording quality good enough?
Feel free to upload a sample and send a link to a BCL Council member, we will review it for you! Alternatively, you can post a sample in the BCL forum.

Feel free to ask questions so that we may share the answers with the world.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the tournament, feel free to contact us by e-mail (

You may also contact us on our forums, or join us on our Discord.