Registrations are closed!

We received a great deal of interest for this tournament, as small as it may be. We received all of the following registrations within the first 2 minutes of sign-ups. Regretfully, this is an 8-team tournament, and we cannot take any further registrations.
Registered Teams

The following teams have successfully registered for the tournament, and will be expected to check-in on July 29, at 1 PM EDT.

Team Representative
PUT Boss246135 Enrolled
BOSS OfferedAssassin Enrolled
Dw Amer_77798 Enrolled
YoX Susannoo Enrolled
BIg1 ParadoxAssassin6 Enrolled
Rusherz XiqbalX Enrolled
UD xX0nlyXx- Enrolled
TMRG Misterrayangames Enrolled
Wait list

The following teams are in our wait list. They will substitute for the teams that do not show on July 29, at 1 PM EDT. Teams will be prioritized by their position in the queue.

Team Representative
DU5T IcarusXIII Queue #1
Hush Beastmodeboss55 Queue #2
KyEE emma466nuel Queue #3
PWND OM246135 Queue #4
D0L Topgamers2015 Queue #5
ExorcismSession powerx1 Queue #6
your death bilel510 Queue #7
AS tarimarigine Queue #8
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